Caroline Nokes is the UKs ‘most responsive MP’, according to research produced by the non-party political think-tank, My Society. Caroline topped the league table of all the UK’s 650 MPs, with a response rate approaching 100%.

The independent data was produced to establish the effectiveness of writing to MPs, to see if MPs regard communicating with their constituents as important, and the data is based on over 58,000 responses to 96,000 messages sent to MPs. Caroline’s response rate was secretly and independently monitored, and when assessed, she was shown to be the most responsive MP in Parliament.

My Society commented “The people of Romsey & Southampton North should rest easy. Their Conservative MP Caroline Nokes is on the case”, and went on to say “she is top of our league table”.

Caroline said “MPs get thousands of emails and letters each year, and if there is an issue which is causing a lot of concern, I can get 200 or more in a single day. Providing the emails or letters are not abusive, which sadly some occasionally are, I try to reply to them all. Of course, some are about very complex issues which require a lot of work with Government departments, agencies or local authorities. But, as well as being a common courtesy, I think responding to my constituents is an essential part of my job.

Caroline also explained that she is sometimes sent letters and emails from people who are not her constituents, but are writing on policy issues relating to her Select Committee work, as well as correspondence from special interest groups, trade bodies and other groups seeking to influence public policy. “Every piece of correspondence gets read by me personally, and unlike some colleagues I regard emails as an essential tool to be able to communicate quickly and very cost effectively.

The data for this research can be found here:


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